One of the most popular platforms in the world
for trading on the FOREX and CFD markets

FinTrader Platform

FinTrader (FT) is by far the most famous and widely used trading platform in the world. Since its launch in 2005, it has attracted traders with a unique combination of accessibility and a wide range of professional functions. Regardless of your trading style and time horizon range, FinTrader will provide all the necessary opportunities for you to take your activities to a new level.

You can simultaneously work with several assets and charts at once. Use a variety of indicators (including our exclusive Trading Central indicator).


  • Support for working with multiple assets
  • Customizable visual themes
  • Support for “algorithmic” traders
  • Ability to work online, installation on PC and through mobile applications
  • Ability to download custom indicators and graphical objects

Why trade
with Hackford-Trade through FinTrader?

Designed specifically for traders, our FinTrader platform provides a convenient and customizable interface combined with sophisticated order management tools to help you quickly and efficiently control your positions.

FT is widely known as the world’s most beloved Forex trading platform. It offers an easy to use user interface, advanced charting functions, indicators and supports the MQL language.
Thus, you can easily program indicators and advisers (EAs) for trading in the Forex 24/5 market without any intervention on your part.

In combination with improved terms of trade, you can use the internationally recognized trading platform, accompanied by spreads from 0 pips and execution of 0.15 s.

Features of the
FT terminal

Status Software Corp. developed the FinTrader platform according to the latest achievements of the IT industry. The terminal has a huge set of functions that make trading more efficient and more fruitful. With FT you can:

  • make trading transactions in the Forex market and other financial markets;
  • place Stop Loss and Take Profit stop orders in order to fix profits and avoid large losses;
  • receive quotes in real time;
  • trade in one click;
  • write custom advisors and indicators in the MQL 4 programming language
  • test and improve trading strategies.